Welcome to RexTeck

A company devoted to keeping your computing systems functional and operational. Here at RexTeck we thrive on the ever changing global challenges of systems support, by providing 24 hour on call availability to our clients. In today's global society we are faced with the tremendous challenge of keeping our home computers and mobile devices free from intrusion, our services will provide you with 24\7 technical support to ensure your home or business is well protected and secure.

Our services pledge is to make sure that any issue with your system will be resolved in a professional and timely matter.

So call one of our Technical Representatives Today.

 Here are a few RexTeck tips to help keep your systems from becoming compromised.

  • Never open an E-mail from a sender that your not familiar with
  • Never follow any links within E-mails without validating the sender
  • Never conduct business transactions over a public wi-fi network
  • Try making up words to serve as secure passwords with number combinations
  • Always keep your anti-virus software up to date
  • Add a secure firewall to your system      

Let us at RexTeck be your first line of defense

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